As a British expatriate living in the US, I always laughed when friends from the UK came to visit, said a cursory ‘hello, how are you?’ then headed off to the REI flagship store to do some serious damage to their credit cards,  in awe at the wealth of athletic apparel available.  As an enthusiastic triathlete myself, I love to run, cycle and especially swim.  I have competed (with varying levels of success!) in events on both sides of the Atlantic and I love the increasingly stylish and high performance athletic apparel designed specifically for women.

Poppy Sports is launching in spring 2010 as an online retail store that will offer women in the US and the UK a one-stop shopping experience for technical and performance athletic and lifestyle clothing for a variety of sports and activities.  The company is partnering with Bundle Box, a UK logistics company to be able to offer great shipping deals to the UK to give British customers access to products otherwise unobtainable.

At Poppy Sports we support the premise that being active is not a chore but a lifestyle choice and that the right clothing can help any woman to make that choice!  Part of that lifestyle is being part of a community that supports your goals and this is the premise behind Team Poppy, an online/offline community and training group for the complete novice to the ironwoman.

Nowadays, my enthusiasm for athletic endeavors is very often in more supply than my time, thanks to the addition of my daughter ‘Poppy’ and Poppy’s little brother to my life. Poppy is not her real name, but she likes to refer to herself as ‘Poppy’ – a sort of  alter ego –  and so Poppy Sports was named thus.

We are excited about our first season in business in Spring 2010 and our first training camps thereafter.  Whether you are a competitive triathlete or just preparing to put on a pair of running shoes for the first time, at Poppy Sports we will always have something in our bag just for you.

Located in Denver, Colorado in the US, the company will donate a portion of profits to organizations that encourage girls’ confidence and participation in sports.


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